Art at Evans Contemporary

Art at Evans Contemporary

  • Peter Barron
  • Peterborough, ON

For almost fifty years, Peter Barron has maintained a studio practice in Peterborough, Ontario. His paintings have been exhibited extensively in the city and across the province. His prints have been shown in Russia, Seoul (South Korea), Sofia (Bulgaria), Finland, Connecticut (USA) Trois Rivières (Quebec), Montreal, and Ottawa.



#2 Bankers Common (

The Garden of Earthly Delights


Barron’s recent work presents colourful, and explosive images of landscapes where figures seemingly materialize magically from the pigmented environment. Both edgy and sinister, his incongruous, abstracted figures populate a landscape of vivid colour, tangled brushstrokes, and colliding paint. Vivid in their palate and subject matter, the artist leads the viewer into this ominous, yet beautiful environment. Barron’s works are painted in acrylic and oil on canvas and panel.  For more information click here

About Evans Contemporary
Evans Contemporary, an amalgam of an artist-run centre, museum, institute, and foundation, is a privately owned and operated, negative-profit exhibition space. Through the generosity of it supporters and patrons, it mounts exceptional, contemporary art exhibitions and coordinates online documentation and publications of its exhibitions. The gallery serves as a rallying point for local artists, cultural workers and art lovers. Filling a recognized void, it plays a leadership role in the cultural fabric of Peterborough and the Kawartha region.