Saturday, January 27, 10:00 am, Market Hall

Dance for Life

Dance for Life

  • Ella Cooper
  • 10 minutes
  • 2017
  • Canada
  • Saturday, January 27, 10:00 am, Market Hall

Sponsored by Public Energy

2017 San Francisco Dance Film Festival, Honourable Mention for Best Documentary
Dance! Dance! Dance! Short Film Program

Mozambican Pulga Muchachonda shifts from soccer to something he really loves: contemporary dance.

‘Dance for Life’ is a short dance film meets documentary, directed and filmed by Ella Cooper, that features Pulga Muchachoma, a once impoverished minor league soccer player from Mozambique, who gives up everything to pursue a life of dance in Canada. Dance for Life is a story of immigration, struggle and success told through interviews and dance on camera set against the multicultural backdrop of the city of Toronto.