Sunday, January 28, 2:30 pm, Market Hall

Mama Agatha

Mama Agatha

  • Fadi Hindash
  • 16 minutes
  • 2015
  • Netherlands
  • Sunday, January 28, 2:30 pm, Market Hall

Sponsored by B!KE: The Peterborough Community Cycling Hub; New Canadians Centre Peterborough; Peterborough Bicycle Advisory Committee

2015 Leiden International Short Film Experience, Audience Award

Migrant and refugee women learn to ride a bike, and take to the streets!

Once a week, a group of migrant women in Amsterdam learn how to ride a bicycle. Inspiring them to let go of their fear and get behind the wheels is a Ghanaian community mother named Mama Agatha. As her students open up, Mama Agatha comes to terms with the painful memory of her own motherless childhood.