Saturday, January 27, 10:00 am, Market Hall

Migration – Pilgrimage

Migration – Pilgrimage

  • Marlene Millar
  • 11 minutes
  • 2017
  • Canada
  • Saturday, January 27, 10:00 am, Market Hall

Sponsors:  Public Energy

2017 Perth Screendance Festival, International Screendance Award; 2017 Stories We Dance, Best Choreography Award and Best Performer Award
Dance! Dance! Dance! Short Film Program

Nine dancers journey through open farms and fields to find solace, shelter, and connection.

Nine dancers and singers travel along parched roads and moonlit fields to find refuge in an abandoned place of worship. Through a complex series of Turkish usul patterns designed to ignite emotional states of journey and light, the group finds connection and solace in the sheltered space.