Photography by Paul Hodgkinson

Photography by Paul Hodgkinson

  • Paul H. Hodgkinson
  • Peterborough, ON

Paul H Hodgkinson was born in 1972 in Cavan, Ontario and lives with his family near Keene, Ontario.  He studied photography at Sheridan College and graduated from the Applied Photography program in 1995. He has exhibited his work in group and solo shows since 1994, which can be found in both private and public collections, including the permanent collections of the Peterborough Regional Health Centre and the Art Gallery of Peterborough.

Located in the main foyer of Market Hall

Photography by Paul H Hodgkinson

In my work, I choose to photograph scenes and subjects that, although ordinary, have an inherent sense of mystery and obscurity. The eerie nature of my images shares qualities often seen in photographs of a century ago. Examples of this include heavily vignetted corners, un-sharp edges, and an overall dark mood. To heighten these qualities, I may use homemade cameras, pinhole photography, historical processes and lenses with poor optics