Saturday, January 28, 1:45 pm, Market Hall

Random Acts of Legacy

Random Acts of Legacy

  • Ali Kazimi
  • 77 minutes
  • 2016
  • Canada, USA
  • Saturday, January 28, 1:45 pm, Market Hall
Sponsored by Trent Film Society 
Honourable Mention Best Canadian Feature Documentary Award HotDocs, 2016

Rare home movies of the Fungs reveal a moving, multi-layered tale of racism, integration, and success

Director Ali Kazimi has been rescuing orphaned home movies that had been left to decay over decades. One found collection revealed the lives of the Fungs – a middle-class Chinese-American family – from the years of the Great Depression to post-war America. Searching out the Fungs’ surviving descendants, Kazimi crafted a touching memoir that weaves a “rich tapestry” of history and emotion. As the Fungs watch the films and witness youthful images once thought lost, a profoundly different perspective on a Midwest family ofcolour graciously takes form.

“A gorgeous, multi-layered document not just about the extended Fung family, but also about immigration, integration, racism in pre- and postwar America and economic opportunities.” – Now Magazine