ReFrame Types: A Community Art Project

ReFrame Types: A Community Art Project

  • Jeff Macklin
  • Peterborough, ON


Jeffrey is a Peterborough-based artist, working primarily with relief printing (letterpress) and mixed media. He often employs words as visual triggers, as well as present-day/historical pop-culture icons and figures in both his print work and his mixed media pieces.

All venues will be equipped with typewriters.

Help Create Art

This year at ReFrame we are going back in time – to collect your memories on that wonderfully tactile technology, the typewriter.  In true ReFrame form, your collective notes will become a part of a piece of art by local printmaker, Jeffrey Macklin

Before the festival:

Drop by the GreenUP Store (378 Aylmer St. N, Peterborough) to type (yes, we mean on real typewriters) a line or two about the ReFrame films that have stuck with you over time.

At the festival:

There will be typewriters set up for you to dash off your thoughts at each venue throughout the weekend.

Each morning you can see your words added to an evolving art-i-fact. Just drop by the lobby at Market Hall to see the work in progress!