Friday, January 26, 3:50 pm, The Venue

Running Against The Wind

Running Against The Wind

  • Reza Moayedi
  • 30 minutes
  • 2017
  • Iran
  • Friday, January 26, 3:50 pm, The Venue

Sponsored by Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, Peterborough; Rock Camp For Girls* Peterborough

2017 Eurasia International Film Festival, Best Documentary Award; 2017 Oniros Film Awards, Jury Award - Honourable Mention

A young Iranian woman revels in the forbidden "Parkour,” an outdoor form of jumping, running, and vaulting.

Negar is a young girl who claims she’s the first parkour tutor in Iran, a country where religious sensitivities don’t allow for girls to play sports in the streets. In a small town, Negar tries to teach other girls to believe in themselves and their abilities despite the closed society in which they live. Though they have nowhere to practice and no support from anyone, Negar tries her best to show their team to the world.