Sunday, January 28, 10:00 am, Market Hall

The Forger

The Forger

  • Samantha Stark, Alexandra Garcia, Pamela Druckerman
  • 17 minutes
  • 2016
  • USA
  • Sunday, January 28, 10:00 am, Market Hall

Sponsored by Abraham Festival

2017 Emmy News and Documentary; 2017 Hot Docs, Audience Award, Short Films; 2017 National Press Photographers Association, First Place Documentary; 2017 DC Shorts Film Festival, Best Documentary
The Magic of Older Men Short Film Program

A French teenager rescues thousands of Jews in wartime Paris.

“If I sleep for an hour, 30 people will die.” — Adolfo Kaminsky By the time he had turned 19, Adolfo Kaminsky had helped save thousands of lives by making false passports and other documents for children fleeing the Nazis. Kaminsky’s story—the secret meetings, the disguises, and the pressure of knowing that lives were resting on his ability to forge documents without the smallest mistake—remains relatively unknown.