Saturday, January 27, 5:15 pm, The Venue

The Other Side of the Wall

The Other Side of the Wall

  • Pau Ortiz
  • 68 minutes
  • 2017
  • Mexico
  • Saturday, January 27, 5:15 pm, The Venue

Sponsored by Friends of Honduran Children

2017 HotDocs, Best International Documentary; 2017 DocsBarcelona Winner, Best Iberoamerican Documentary; 2017 Málaga Film Festival, Special Mention of the Jury

Honduran child immigrants struggle to keep their family together in Mexico when their mother is imprisoned.

With their mother in prison, teenagers Rocío and Ale are left to play parents to their young siblings. As immigrants in Mexico, they lack work papers, making opportunities for employment scarce. Finances are tight, Ale’s girlfriend is expecting, and Rocío is testing her teenage boundaries. Fearing she may get herself in trouble, Ale clamps down. Tensions escalate, apprehensions about the future intensify, and Ale must decide between keeping the family together and breaking them apart to cross the US border.