Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


ReFrame Tickets and Passes

For ReFrame 2017, we are selling Festival Daytime Passes in addition to individual tickets for Evening Feature Films. As the evening features often sell out, this new system means you can relax, knowing you have a seat for the evening feature you want to see.

What is a daytime flim?
Daytime films are those screened on any day of the festival before 7:30pm.

What is an Evening Feature Film?Evening features are those films that screen after 7:30 during the festival, including the special Galaxy showing on Thursday January 26.

What is a Festival Daytime Pass?
A Festival Daytime Pass gets you into daytime films only. Daytime pass holders will be seated first but you must be at the theatre 15 minutes before the film begins. You can use this pass on all three days. NOTE: This pass will not get you into Evening Feature films. You will have to purchase separate tickets for the evening feature films you want to see.

How do I get into Evening Feature Films?
You can buy discounted tickets for these when you buy your pass. Each passholder is entitled to one discounted ticket per night. Extra evening feature tickets may be purchased at full price.

Why the change?

This new system means you can relax, knowing you have a seat for the feature you want to see. During the day, we have 3 excellent film venues so passholders are guaranteed to find a seat at one theatre or another (the theatres rarely fill to capacity.) But in the evenings, with only two features, we are always at risk of selling out. For some people – whether due to mobility issues or long distance travel, it is not worth making arrangements to come to the theatre if there is a risk they won’t get in. Now, whether or not you have a pass, you can plan your features in advance and be guaranteed a seat.

In addition, the change means we are able to sell more daytime passes to make the festival affordable to more people. Last year our passes sold out two weeks before the festival. This year, we hope everyone who wants a pass can have one.

Doesn’t this system cost me more?
It depends on how many features, if any, you want to see. The Festival Daytime Pass costs $30 ($20 student/underwaged), $10 less than last year. Evening feature film tickets cost $15 each for non-passholders; $10 each for passholders.

What about students/ underwaged?

Students and those with low income can buy a pass at a discounted rate of $20 and features for $10. To buy tickets to all film programs and two features will cost $40. While this is definitely more than last year, it’s still a steal as far as film festivals go. For those who cannot afford the full amount, there is also the option of Pay-What-You-Can at the door for all daytime films. 

What if I can’t afford the ticket price?

There is a pay-what- you-can option at the door for any film with seats available (almost all daytime films.) It is vital to us that everyone can see these films and that money is not a barrier.

Is ReFrame raising prices to increase profits?

ReFrame is a non-profit with a staff of less than 2 employees. The costs of the festival, including venues, equipment, screening fees, guest expenses, The new system is not designed to increase revenue, but rather to ease the process of evening features, and to increase the capacity of the festival. Any increase in ticketing revenue will go toward increasing the accessibility and quality of the festival.

Can I see Daytime Films without a pass?
Yes, of course. It will cost you $10 at the door. There is also a pay-what-you-can option at the door. Pass holders will be seated first at all Daytime Films.

I don’t know yet which features I want to see. Can I get these tickets later?
Yes, as long as they last. Either come to the Green-Up store with your pass to purchase your feature tickets or you can go online and buy your evening feature tickets after buying your pass. Any remaining feature tickets will be on sale at Showplace during the festival. Remember: you must have your pass to get them at the discounted price.

If I buy my pass/ticket online, do I pay extra fees?
Yes, there is a modest fee per ticket for the online ticket service and credit card transactions.

Can I share my pass?
The pass is intended for ONE person. Please put your name on it and use it only for yourself.

What is underwaged?
Underwaged refers to those who have low incomes. We do not ask for any proof of this. We trust everyone will pay as they are able.

When can I get a catalogue?
Full film descriptions are available on our website.
A paper copy with short descriptions of each film will be published in Electric City Magazine, distributed all around town in the first week of January. The full catalogue will is available at the Green-Up store and at the festival.

More questions?
Contact Ziysah von Bieberstein, Festival Director, 705-745-3238 x400,