Information for Sponsors

ReFrame is a collaboration of over 100 community organizations who connect the films at the festival to the work they do in the community.

Our official sponsorship deadline has passed, however we can still squeeze you in to most promotional opportunities. Click on “Sponsorship Form” below to sponsor, or scroll down for more information.

Sponsorship Form

Why Sponsor ReFrame Peterborough International Film Festival?

  1. Sponsors connect the issues we learn about through film to work happening in our own community.
  2. Sponsors receive excellent visibility, being listed in our professionally-designed catalogue, on our website, in our pre-show screened at every film, and on large signage at all festival venues.
  3. The opportunity to introduce the film you sponsor (along with any other sponsors), and to display literature and connect with audiences after the film.

New this year: There are two types of contributions – Sponsorships and REACH donations.

Film Sponsors are ORGANIZATIONS only. Sponsors may choose (a) film(s) that align(s) with their stated mission/ mandate or simply be listed as a general sponsor. Sponsors are not eligible for charitable tax receipts.

REACH donors are listed as REACH donors and are eligible for a charitable tax receipt for donations of $25 or more.

Simple Steps to Becoming a Sponsor

  1. Choose an amount to donate that you feel is appropriate based on the budget of your organization. It costs ReFrame about $2,000 for each film we screen, taking into account the cost of the film, guests, venue rental, promotion, staff and office expenses. Some organizations can cover the full cost, while others have no budget, but can support with promotion and connecting us to local issues. All amounts are appreciated – without your sponsorship dollars REFRAME FILM FESTIVAL would not be possible!
  2. Select a film to sponsor. The attached list is only a draft. Note that details may change. If you would like a recommendation of a film that aligns with your mandate, please contact us.
  3. Fill out the application form. Please complete one form for EACH organization, program or individual.
  4. Promote ReFrame Film Festival by putting up posters, announcing ReFrame at your upcoming events, and/or sending out a media release to your distribution lists.

Tickets on sale in early December. Catalogues available by end of December. Check the website regularly for updates!

NEW THIS YEAR: We will have a Facebook event page for each film. These will be linked to the film description on the website. Please share and invite!

  1. Come join us at Peterborough’s most anticipated winter community event – ReFrame 2017!

Payment options:

  1. Cheque payable to ReFrame Film Festival. 378 Aylmer St. N. Peterborough, ON, K9H 3V8.
  2. Email transfer to
  3. Donate online with credit card or PayPal.

**When you submit your payment, be sure to specify your organization and that it is a film sponsorship.