A Thousand Thank Yous!

From outrage to compassion, and the voices of the young and the older, to the drum and the cyr wheel, speaking truth to power.

From the guests who came from California, the Yukon, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto, and around the corner, to those who couldn’t make it, whose intentions were thwarted by sickness, snow storms and slippery streets. 

From the hundreds of volunteers who are the heart of this endeavour, to the community sponsors who woke up the next day to continue the work on the ground level.

And to everyone who shared the ReFrame 2020 weekend with us, your support, your presence, your openness and your understanding is what will carry the ideas off the screens and into the streets, the legal system, the government, the corporations, the health system and communities near and far.

On behalf of all of us here at ReFrame, thank you so much for helping us celebrate our Sweet Sixteen!


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