Requiem For The American Dream

DIRECTOR: Jared P. Scott


YEAR: 2015



PRICE: $6.99


Using interviews filmed over four years, Noam Chomsky discusses the deliberate concentration of wealth and power found in the hands of a select few.

As people around the world lose their faith in existing systems, this gripping deconstruction of how the powers that be are wielding media and culture to control us couldn't be more timely. Widely regarded as one of the most important thinkers alive, Noam Chomsky dissects our current condition with his signature cool and devastating intellectual power. Requiem for the American Dream takes a thought-provoking look at the decline of democracy, the disappearing middle class, the myth of social mobility, and whatever hope may exist to turn this ship around. Tracing a half-century of policies designed to favour the wealthy at the expense of the majority, Chomsky provides penetrating insight into what may well be the lasting legacy, and undoing, of our time.

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