The image is a hero banner for the ReFrame Film Festival, celebrating its 20th anniversary. The event is scheduled from January 25 to February 4, 2024. The banner has a bright blue background with abstract illustrations suggesting film and creativity, such as a reel, blended with natural elements like mountains or trees, which appear to be subtly animated with small bubbles and plants. The festival's logo is prominently displayed alongside the dates, and the design conveys a sense of artistic flair and cinematic wonder. Laurels adorn the words, "20th Anniversary".
The image features the logo and announcement for the ReFrame Film Festival, celebrating its 20th year. On the left, an abstract, colorful illustration suggestive of movement and festivity, with shapes that could be interpreted as people or dancers. On the right, bold, clear text reads 'ReFrame Film Festival', with a minimalistic film projector icon above. Below, the dates 'Jan 25 – Feb 4, 2024' are indicated, celebrating the festival's anniversary.

ReFrame 2024 artwork created by CeilidhPitaw


ReFrame’s 2024 season was its first hybrid festival ever! The 20th anniversary of ReFrame offered four days of in-person programming at Market Hall and Showplace from January 25th to 28th, followed by a full week of on-demand viewing from the comfort of home January 29th to February 4th, 2024.

We were so excited to offer the festival to you in this new way: celebrating the synergy of being together in community, while continuing to offer the accessibility, reach and convenience of a virtual experience.

ReFrame would like to thank our 2024 funders: 

Have you been loving our new look? ReFrame 2024 creative features the incredible work of local artist CeilidhPitaw

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ReFrame Film Festival