ReFrame Donors


We are blessed to be supported by dozens of charitable individuals whose donations have helped provide stability and predictability to our finances in the last year:

Jim Abel

Diane & Ian Adam

Holly & Brian Adam

Cath Adele

Kemi Akapo

LA Alfonso

Judith Amsbury


Susan Bacque

Heather Ballarin

H. Ann Barrett

John Barton

Cathy & Paul Berges

Deborah & Michael Berrill

Catherine Bruce

Aukje Byker

Dana Capell

Barbara Card

Susan Chan

Nadine Changfoot

Barbara Chisholm & Tom Miller

Sally & Doug Chivers-Storey

Anne Collard

Peter Cook

Anne Cordon

Ferne Cristall & Robert Clarke

David Dick

Sylvia Dick

Scott Donovan

Barbara Emmanuel

Krista English & Ray Dart

Michael Fazackerley

James Forrester

Jean Garsonnin

Nancy Goodman

Mary Gordon

Shelagh & Jon Grant

Helen Griffin

Barbara Groves

Christine Harrison

Julia Harrison

Rosamund Harrison

Mary Carolyn Hart

Jim & Judi Hendry

Arthur Herald

Dr. Barbara Herring

Carol Jean Irving

Kate Jarrett

Jill Jones

Kate King-Fisher


Yvonne Leicht & Cam Douglas

Sandra Lockwood

Eleanor Low

Cheryl Lyon

Steve MacDonald & Amanda Holmes

Hugh MacMillan

Colin McAdam

Mary McBride

Joanne McCaig

Peggy McCracken

Beth McEwen

Katherine McInnis

Debbie McIntyre

Orm & Barbara Mitchell

Joan Moriarty

Patricia & David Morton

Arlene Moscovitch

Edward & Thokozile Mtetwa

Francis Nasca

Linda Nicholson

Erica Nol

Michelle O’Neill

Richard Peachey

Jacqueline Powell

Kathleen Ramsay

David Russell

Brianna Salmon

Linda & Al Slavin

Margaret Slavin

Anne Smith

Karen Smith

Margaret Steffler

Linda Storey

Margaret Sumadh

Fred Sutherland

John Wadland

Jayne Walker

Don & Sharon Watkins

Peter Williams

Debra Ann Wilson

The films at ReFrame inspire debate and action. They help us move from imagining a better world to living in one.

If you would like to support our work, donations can be made through our website.

Gifts over $20 are eligible for a tax receipt.

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