A promotional image for a documentary described as a participatory exploration of Ontario's Basic Income Pilot. The image features a wall with several photographs of individuals holding signs, and a person on a stepladder placing or adjusting one of the pictures. The wall also includes laurels indicating the film's selection for various festivals. Additionally, there's a symbol for the International Motion Picture Awards. The setting appears to be an exhibition or a public area.

A Human Picture

Centred on Ontario’s short-lived, but transformational Basic Income Pilot, this documentary sparks curiosity, fosters understanding, and encourages open dialogue about the transformative potential of basic income by combining emotional narratives, real-life impact stories, expert insights and creative visuals.

Following the film, join us for Panel: Impact of Basic Income.

About the Filmmaker

Since launching Powerline Films in 2008, Simon Brothers and Luke Mistruzzi have been committed to delivering high-quality work that connects innovation and community. On and off camera people are at the centre of what we do.
We produce documentary, animation, scripted, educational and immersive content for clients in public and private sectors while also making independent film and installation arts projects. You can see more of there work at powerlinefilms.com and acommoncollective.com

Jessie Golem
Jessie is an entrepreneur, professional writer, photographer, pianist, and activist. She has over ten years of experience working in the not-for-profit world, both in front-line work, administrative work, and operations management and strategy. She has skills in technical writing, research and grant writing, business development, networking, and communications. Jessie is also a professional public speaker.

Jessie has worked as a photographer for fifteen. In 2018 Jessie used her skills in photography to produce a photo series called Humans of Basic Income that amplifies the stories of the recipients of the prematurely cancelled Basic Income Pilot Project in Ontario. Her photos have been exhibited across Canada and the world. In 2019, Jessie exhibited Humans of Basic Income at Supercrawl in Hamilton, Ontario, the CONTACT Photography Festival in Toronto ON, the North American Basic Income Congress in New York City USA, the Basic Income Earth Congress in Hyderabad, India, and the Basic Income Earth Congress in Brisbane, Australia, to name a few. Humans of Basic Income has been published and featured in every major publication in Canada, as well as numerous influential international publications.

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