An individual with a beard and a receding hairline is sitting on a yellow couch, wearing a denim jacket over a yellow shirt. They are raising their right hand with an open palm towards the camera in a greeting or waving gesture. The person is smiling and looking directly at the camera. In the background, there's a bookshelf filled with books and a painting of a forest scene, suggesting a cozy, lived-in space. The lighting is bright and even, indicative of an indoor setting.

Dear Ani

For twenty-five years Keith Wasserman has made and delivered elaborate art mail packages – all in the hopes of befriending his muse. Dear Ani explores what can happen when you present your truest self, and risk total failure. It is an intimate account of psychotic mania, personal mastery, and creative triumph.

Virtual & Hybrid Passholder Pre-order is now open for this film in the Virtual Theatre. Individual Virtual Theatre ticket sales open January 17th.

About the Filmmaker

Micah Levin is a seasoned filmmaker and media magician from Los Angeles, CA. His award-winning content includes: “The ‘S’ Word” (ABC/Amazon), “Funded In America” (T-Mobile/ Participant), “Scott Hamilton: Today” (People / SoulPancake),”Skrrt w/ Offset” (Roku/STX), “Foster The People: Imagination” (Columbia Records), “Actors’ Roundtable” (Hollywood Reporter), “Grow” (Tribeca ’15) and “The Terry Kath Experience” (Tiff ‘16).

In 2006, Micah founded the creative content studio, Movie Magic Media, where he and Keith have collaborated on dozens of short films, music videos and feature films. With almost two decades of experience in the industry, Movie Magic Media has carved a niche for itself as a specialist in unscripted short form and branded content. Recognizing the power of storytelling in the digital age, they have expertly crafted engaging and entertaining content that captivates audiences across various platforms. Their background in magic and illusion adds an extra layer of enchantment and awe to each project, giving our storytelling an unparalleled sense of wonder. With their creative vision and cutting-edge technology, Movie Magic Media continues to push boundaries, delivering high-quality content that resonates with viewers worldwide.

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