A person is standing in the center of a street with one fist raised high. The individual is wearing a dark beanie, a t-shirt, and jeans, and has a serious expression. The street is lined with various commercial buildings and cars are visible in both directions. The context of the raised fist, a symbol often associated with solidarity and support for a cause, suggests a moment of protest or statement. The image captures a sense of defiance or activism.

Detroit Will Breathe

In the summer of 2020, Detroiters faced unprecedented police violence as they took to the streets to protest the killings of Black people across the country. Detroit Will Breathe provides an unprecedented look into the actions of the police and examines what it means to be part of an integrated movement fighting for Black lives.

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About the Filmmaker

Kate Levy (b. 1984, Royal Oak, Michigan) is a filmmaker and multimedia artist. Drawing on investigative and historical research and collaborations with community organizers, her documentary films, installations, sculptures, texts, and photography series interrogate power structures, cultural narratives and the relationship between the everyday and the catastrophic. She has worked on projects related to water, education, police violence, immigration and environmental and economic justice.

Kate has exhibited her award-winning film, photography and installation work at film festivals, galleries and museums across the US. In 2015, her work with the ACLU of Michigan helped expose the Flint Water Crisis. She was a 2017 Patagonia Works grant recipient for her feature film about water access across the US and a 2018 MacDowell fellow. From 2019-2021, Kate served as the Co-Director of the Youth Documentary Workshop at Educational Video Center. Beginning in August 2023, she will be the Stuart B. and Barbara Padnos Distinguished Artist-In-Residence at Grand Valley State University.

As a director, cinematographer and editor, Kate also works with clients, primarily non-profits, media outlets and other independent filmmakers to create meaningful, community-driven, journalistic video and multimedia storytelling projects.

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