Three individuals are standing in a triangle for what appears to be a knighting ceremony. One person is turned away from the camera, showing only their back. On top of their shoulder lays the end of a sword, held by the person across from them. That person is standing with a serious demeanor, dressed in a biker-style vest with various patches. The third person stands to the right of the biker, staring at the sword with a focused expression.

Praying For Armageddon

The Countdown to Armageddon has begun. As biblical prophecy fuels political power, American Evangelicals threaten U.S. democracy and push for the Apocalypse in the Middle East. With close-quarters journalism, this feature documentary takes a deep dive into power and policy, and investigates the dangerous consequences of a fusion between Evangelical Christianity and American politics.

About the Filmmaker

Tonje Hessen Schei is an award-winning documentary director who has worked with independent documentary since 1996. Her films mostly take on international issues that questions systems of power that shape our world.

With political thrillers Tonje has investigated the CIAs drone war, the artificial intelligence revolution, and the consequences of the influence of Evangelical fundamentalists in the US.

Tonje is the director of PRAYING FOR ARMAGEDDON, a political thriller on the fundamentalist U.S. Evangelical’s power and influence as they work to speed up the end times and fulfill the Armageddon prophecy. The film is to be released early 2023.

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