Silhouetted against a light sky with faint mountain outlines, there is a large, stylized black cutout of a bear with white accents for the bear's eyes, nose, and mouth, giving it a stark, graphic appearance. In the lower left corner, a human hand is visible, holding the bottom edge of the bear silhouette.

Shitty Little

This is a playful, poignant & very memorable live action animation, where humans take from forests whatever they desire – leaving nothing. Shitty Little is critical of a prevalent attitude in western culture that says there is no inherent value in nature, that it must be taken and shaped into a product for sale to have worth.

About the Filmmaker

Jeff McKay: Born & raised on the Canadian prairies. Began in stage theatre, played drums in electro-pop/ dance bands. Making film since 1985. Spent 18 years as a freelance contract editor & director with the National Film Board of Canada. Independent freelance since 2003. Recipient of the Peabody Award and many national & international nominations. International co-productions making social, arts/cultural, sport & science/ natural history films.

Takashi Iwasaki: 1982: born in Hokkaido, Japan. Iwasaki moved to Winnipeg, Canada to study fine arts at the University of Manitoba in 2002, where he earned Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Attracted to the Winnipeg’s multiculturalism and friendly arts community, he gained the permanent resident status of Canada and now lives and works as an artist in Winnipeg and calls it his new hometown. Iwasaki’s art practice diverges into many media from embroidery, painting, collage, wooden sculpture, ceramic, to public artwork. Bringing joy and peaking curiosity of the audience are part of the main focuses of his creation.

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