March Break Youth Film Camp

Reframe Film Festival teamed up with Peterborough Drug Strategy to bring a March Break Film Camp to the youth of Peteborough. The participants had 5 days to conceptualize, write the script for and produce a short Public Service Announcement style film on the topic "Debunking the Myths of Marijuana."

You can watch the films below and feel free to share them with all your friends!

Thank you to all those involved and especially the participants: Bailey, Sunny, Khalila, Taylor, Chandler, Roy, Lance, Chris, Keegan, Emily and Danielle for all your hard work producing the films.

10 Ways NOT to Sober Up

Have You Had Enough?


It's Cooler Not To!


This is Frank....

For more information on the programs and resources Peterborough Drug Strategy provides click HERE!

Ten Years of Reframe

Reframe is 10 years now (as of 2014) and we plan to keep growing. Reframe was built by the community and it only made sense that we asked members of the community about how far it has grown and where they see the festival going in the and maybe even distant future.