Martyrs / Pascal Laugier (2008)
October 8, 2014
Location:  ARTSPACE
Time:  8 p.m.

Horribly abused as children, Lucie and Anna bond as friends. Years later, Lucie murders the family she thinks abused them. Anna helps clean up the gore but Lucie commits suicide. Anna discovers an elaborate dungeon beneath the house. A black-clad team arrives and chains Anna in the dungeon where she is tortured beyond recognition. “Mademoiselle,” an older female leader of the cult, tells Anna that her group is looking for a witness to the afterlife. They believe that undergoing vast suffering may allow a martyr to glimpse the afterlife. So far their female victims have not been able to give them the answer they seek. Anna, after being flayed alive, is asked what she has seen. She whispers something in the ear of Mademoiselle, who commits suicide.


Repulsion / Roman Polanski (1965)
Date:  October 15, 2014
Location: ARTSPACE
Time:  8p.m.
When Carol, a shy young Belgian, is left alone for a few days in the Kensington flat she shares with her sister, she begins to withdraw into a reclusive existence where innocuous everyday realities are distorted by deep-seated anxieties. On screen throughout the film, Deneuve gives a wondrously subtle performance as the increasingly catatonic girl, but equally expressive of her terrifying inner torment are the sometimes surreal but never over-emphatic visual and aural effects created by Polanski to accompany her wanderings around the empty apartment or the bustling streets of South Kensington.

Ten Years of Reframe

Reframe is 10 years now (as of 2014) and we plan to keep growing. Reframe was built by the community and it only made sense that we asked members of the community about how far it has grown and where they see the festival going in the even distant future.