Two turtles are basking in the sun on a log that extends across a tranquil body of water. The larger turtle is in the foreground with a distinct, patterned shell, and the smaller turtle is directly behind it. The surrounding water reflects the log, turtles, and the dense green foliage above, speckled with sunlight filtering through the leaves. Floating aquatic plants are scattered on the water's surface around the log.

Turtle Crossing

“Now when I close my eyes, I see endless possibilities.”
Taylor recounts his deep reconnection to his Grandma Bernice during a very challenging time in his life. Through his family, Taylor regains a sense of self and community. Taylor’s story demonstrates the importance of connection and ancestry.

PANEL: Wshkiigmong Dibaajmownan/Curve Lake Storytelling

A person stands outdoors holding a large feather and a decorated wooden box with a painted floral design. They are wearing a white button-up shirt, glasses, and have a pendant necklace of a tree. The environment includes a green tree, a house with a porch in the background, and foliage near the building's foundation. The person's expression is serious and they look directly at the camera.

My Beginnings

“You have the love and respect of your grandparents, and eventually that’s what you become.”
Knott explores her beginnings with family and love through their connection to one another, Land, water, plants, and animals. There is loss and reconnection, while also building courage “to take back my life.” The spiritual cycle continues.

PANEL: Wshkiigmong Dibaajmownan/Curve Lake Storytelling

A person with long dark hair wearing a white sleeveless top and a patterned skirt is standing in a wooded area with lush greenery. They have their eyes closed and hands clasped over their chest in a gesture that suggests contemplation or serenity. Sunlight filters through the trees, highlighting the natural setting and the individual's peaceful pose.

“The Rez”

“Never forget me, remember me, this is your home.”
The Rez” is so much more than the pain inflicted by settler-colonialism. Lewis speaks to her greater community, her love for their strength, and the fight they give to keep the community whole. Identity and community are vital; Lewis embraces both without compromise.

PANEL: Wshkiigmong Dibaajmownan/Curve Lake Storytelling

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