Elders Gathering 2024

Short Film Screening

In partnership with the Elders and Traditional Peoples Gathering


I See

Noémie Echaquan, Julie Ottawa | Canada | 2023 | 3 mins

Still image from the film I See, a child walks away from the camera hand outstretched to feel the tall grass beside them. Click to follow a link to the film.

Ni Wapiten is a plea to better respect Mother Earth. In this poetic film, we follow a child’s journey through the woods to his community’s local dump. Playfully, he reuses the waste to build a bear, symbolizing nature.



The Fighter

André-Charles Ishpatao | Canada | 2023 | 6 mins

Still image from the film The Fighter, a man faces the camera hands raised in a defensive sparing position. Click to follow link to the film.

André-Charles is a boxer. Sports changed his life. He hopes his journey will inspire others to regain their pride and hold their heads high when facing life’s adversities.



There Are Hierarchies of Grief

Meky Ottawa | Canada | 2023 | 5 mins

Still image from the film There Are Hierarchies of Grief, a blue and green drawing of several eyes with tears. Click to follow the link to the film.

Smokii Sumac reflects on the wisdom and strength of bereaved mothers, as he is faced with the grief of waking up to a changed world–the day after Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States.



Heart Like a Pow Wow

Chief Lady Bird | Canada | 2023 | 5 mins 

Still from the film Heart Like  a Pow Wow, on a background of grass and purple, the lower half of a man in regalia dancing is sketched in neon colours. Click to follow a link to the film.

Heart Like A Pow Wow explores the depths of grief from an Anishinaabe perspective of love and family. Viewers are called to witness Spirit as they shift to physical form while embodying the love that precedes grief and inevitably foreshadows it.



Ancestral Threads

Sean Stiller | Canada | 2023 | 12 mins

Still image from the film Ancestral Threads, a model walks the runway with one hand on her hip and one fist in the air. Click to follow a link to the film.

Follow Joleen Mitton on her mission to use fashion as medicine for Vancouver’s Indigenous community. A former fashion model, Joleen is now a community leader and founder of Vancouver Indigenous Fashion Week.



Grape Soda in the Parking Lot 

Megan Kyak-Monteith | Canada | 2023 | 8mins

A still image from the film Grape Soda in the Parking Lot, a painted image of a child sitting on their grandmothers lap in a living room chair with a large window and house plants. Click to follow a link to the film.

What if every language that had been lost to English — every word, every syllable — grew up out of the ground in flowers? Taqralik Partridge’s grandmother’s Scottish Gaelic and her father’s Inuktitut unfold in memories of her family, of pain, and of love.




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