A swimmer is resting at the edge of a swimming pool, wearing a white swim cap with "R.O.T. MARDINI" printed on it alongside the Olympic rings and a logo for the brand "arena". The swimmer is leaning their arms on the poolside and has their face turned to one side, looking thoughtful or focused. Water droplets are visible on the swimmer's cap, indicating recent activity in the pool. The pool water has a bright blue color, which suggests an indoor setting with good lighting.

Long Distance Swimmer – Sara Mardini

Sara Mardini, once a competitive swimmer in Syria, became Europe’s most celebrated refugee after saving 18 people’s lives. After working as a rescue volunteer in the Mediterranean, she is accused of people smuggling and faces a 25-year prison sentence. We follow her fight for justice and journey of self-discovery against the backdrop of Europe’s refugee ‘crisis’.

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About the Filmmaker

Charly W. Feldman is a London-based filmmaker with a track record of telling sensitive, nuanced and investigative stories from around the world, gaining access to compelling and insightful characters and creating a strong visual identity for long-form documentaries. She is capable of building strong teams, managing multiple stakeholders and problem-solving under pressure, within schedule and budget, from conception to delivery. Charly comes from a multicultural background, with ties to Canada, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India and Singapore. She is bilingual in English and French, communicates in Spanish and Vietnamese, and has filmed in over 20 countries. Several of her films have won awards and received international distribution. She is a member of D-Word, A-Docs and Brown Girls Doc Mafia.

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