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The photo shows the lower half of an individual walking with the aid of a prosthetic leg. The person is wearing shorts, a single black sock, and black shoes. The flooring is a smooth, reflective surface, and there are handrails alongside, suggesting a rehabilitation facility or a space designed for physical therapy. The focus on the prosthetic leg highlights themes of mobility, recovery, and adaptive technology.


Fitting explores the relationship between the director, an amputee, and her prosthetist during the making of a prosthetic leg. It demystifies an unfamiliar space and asks what it means to create an extension to someone else’s body, questioning prejudice widely seen within our society’s consideration of body image.

This image shows a behind-the-scenes view of a video production set. A video camera is in the foreground, focused on a person who is backlit against a large screen displaying colourful, stylized imagery resembling a landscape. The person's silhouette is also visible on the screen, indicating they might be performing or presenting. Monitors attached to the camera display the same image, allowing the crew to see what is being captured.

Janelle Niles: Inconvenient

Janelle Niles is a Black, Mi’kmaw, two-spirited woman from Sipekne’katik First Nation in Nova Scotia and a stand-up comedian. Despite a tumultuous upbringing, Janelle embraces her biracial experience and queer identity, using stand-up to usher in a new era of inclusive, Canadian comedy.

Three people are working in a garden during what appears to be the early morning, given the soft sunlight. They are all dressed in the same white garments while tending to the plants, which are in neat rows and supported by a wire structure. The lush greenery in the background suggests a fertile, well-maintained agricultural environment.

Seeds of Change

An organic farmer in Maine sets out to transform the prison food system. Filmed over the course of two years, Seeds of Change chronicles the intersecting stories of lifelong farmer Mark McBrine and several incarcerated men as they grow their own food from a five acre prison garden unlike any other.

A person with shoulder-length bright red hair stands in the foreground, smiling slightly, with a blurred city skyline in the background. They are wearing a black top, and the overcast sky suggests a muted daylight setting. Below the skyline, there's a glimpse of a highway with moving vehicles, bordered by greenery. The focus on the individual with the cityscape backdrop creates a juxtaposition between the person and the urban environment.


After miscarrying her baby in prison due to shackling, Pamela Winn becomes an activist, leading thousands to support – and pass – the 2019 Georgia Dignity Act, which outlawed shackling of pregnant and postpartum inmates. Winn follows Pamela’s journey from prison to the halls of the state Capitol, from incarcerated person to outspoken law-changer, from powerless to empowered.

Two kayakers navigate rough waters, their expressions focused and exhilarated. The person in the foreground paddles vigorously, splashes surrounding their red kayak. The person behind, partially obscured by splashing water, also appears engaged in the challenge, maneuvering a red kayak with a blue top deck. The backdrop is full of lush greenery and vegetation.

Paddle Tribal Waters

When the largest dam removal project in history begins, a group of Indigenous youth learn to whitewater kayak in hopes of becoming the first people to paddle the restored river from source to sea. The film gives viewers a bird’s eye view of an unforgettable group of youth training for the adventure of a lifetime.

A person with braided hair is standing at a locker, looking over their shoulder with a contemplative expression. They are wearing casual clothing and a backpack, indicating they could be a student. The hallway in the background is blurred.

Loud & Here

After noticing too many cases of sexual violence going unreported or unpunished within their own schools, 23 teen girls decided to take matters into their own hands to make meaningful changes to school board policy across Québec.

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